Wan Discretionary Investment Management Service ("Wan DIM Service")

Allow an Out-performing Investment Manager to manage your asset on your behalf

"A Fund Manager shouldn't solely provide value for the rich. The current investment threshold of a hedge fund may not be an acceptable starting point for the general public, my goal is to further lower the investment threshold and cater to the portfolio management needs from retail clients as well."


Henry Wan, 2020

Why Wan DIM Service?

Investing towards a better future

HKD 180,000

Much acceptable investment threshold


Highest past annual investment return*

$0 per month (Limited Discount)

Revolutionary flat management fee 

*Past Performance is No Guide to Future Performance

Advantages of Discretionary Investment Management Service

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Client Money Protection

One of the biggest advantages of an DIM Service is client money protection. As the account is opened under the name of respective investors, there is no fund outflow to any offshore fund or third-party account.


A Hedge fund manager will not disclose all transactions to you, as an investor you will only receive a fund unit price per month.


Comparatively, DIM service is 100% open and transparent in the sense an investor will receive monthly statements and even daily transaction records, if any occurred. 

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Flexible Payment Planning


A lock-up period is a window of time when investors are not allowed to redeem or sell shares of a particular investment. Hedge fund lock-ups are typically 90-180 days. Investors usually want the shortest lockups  to meet unexpected liquidity needs.

DIM service typically has no lock-up, investors can deposit or withdraw fund anytime.

Easy Account Opening

The account opening process is simpler and faster than hedge funds subscription, without the need of providing asset proof.

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