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Henry Wan
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Henry Wan has been interviewed by a number of media platforms, including...


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Being SFC-licensed, Henry is a hedge fund manager and currently the executive director an asset management Limited. He is mainly responsible for macro analysis and micro research of individual stocks, investment portfolios management, development and management of offshore hedge funds and alternative investment funds. Over the years, he has been interviewed by a number of media platforms, including iMoney, Oriental Daily, Apple Daily, Ming Pao, Sun Channel, Fortune Insight, Metro Radio, etc. He is a Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA).

Henry was a research analyst and trader in an asset management company under Quam Group (952:HK) (now known as "China Tonghai Asset Management Limited). During this period, the total asset value of the fund was nearly HK$1 billion. He was a portfolio manager for Look's Asset Management Limited. The investment portfolio under his management achieved a 46.2% return in 2016. As of the end of January 2017, the total return on the portfolio reached 58.0%. In 2017, He founded the asset management department for a Hong Kong main board listed company and was appointed as a director and portfolio manager. From establishment to termination of investment management (July 2017 to April 2019), the total return of his hedge fund reached 15.6%. In 2020, the return of his managed account is close to 50%, and the return of the cooperatively-managed New Economic Fund reached 91.8%.


「Investing towards a better future」is a promise to customers and myself to the society. We are rewarded from the society and we contribute to the society. Be a better man in the year head. 

A Fund Manager shouldn't solely provide value for the rich. The current investment threshold may not be an acceptable starting point for the general public, my goal is to further lower the investment threshold and cater to the portfolio management needs from retail clients as well.

Henry is keen to manage clients' investment portfolio. The prerequisite for making money is, first and foremost, that he always emphasize risk management, If you are interested in my discretionary investment management service and my track record, please feel free to contact Henry by WhatsApp.


Work Hard, Trade Smart! In 2022, Henry Wan incorporates technology in asset management, Henry Wan applies trading program in capturing stock price breakout so as to strengthen trade execution and portfolio risk management.

Theoratically establishing three levels of return on investment:

1)  Buy after news (Minimal investment return, even loss)
2)  Buy on rumors and sell on the news (Fair investment return)
3) Buy ahead of news (Significant investment return, 100% NO INSIDER TRADING while achievable by analyzing unusual price and trading volume movement) 

The investment team believes that the third level can be reached by analyzing the volatility of stock prices and trading volume accurately, and discovering stock price fluctuations in advance.


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